Our Committees

Committees and Reps Responsibilities are listed in the DAR
ProgramChairman (Team Leader)EmailPhone
ExecutiveILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHj.reidjr@comcast.net
AmericanismDavid Schauerdavidjschauer@hotmail.com
Audio/VisualJohn Braasch 32º KCCHupscope@wildblue.net
AuditAssigned by PR
Bikes 4 Books
BudgetGeneral Secretarysectybvsr@gmail.com
Chamber of Commerce
Childhood Language Disorders, Rite CareRichard J. Masch, 32º KCCHrichardmasch@comcast.netmyimgs/MaschRed256.jpg 360-471-7972
Communications Technology
BylawsGeneral Secretary Scot Sageserssageser@gmail.com
DAR Duties, Assignments, and ResponsibilitiesGeneral Secretary Scot Sagesersectybvsr@gmail.com
Degree Captain 04º ILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHj.reidjr@comcast.net360-813-5658
Degree Captain 05-6º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrldexter@centurylink.net360-692-6876
Degree Captain 09º ,10º ,11º Scot P. Sageser, 32º KCCHssageser@gmail.com360-930-1892
Degree Captain 14º Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHctdcompton@aol.com360-981-7689
Degree Captain 18º Hank Carman 33º IGHhankcarman@wavecable.com360-731-6620
Degree Captain 24º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrldexter@centurylink.net360-692-6876
Degree Captain 28º
Degree Captain 30º Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHlotis666@gmail.com 360-874-0835
Degree Captain 31ºILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHj.reidjr@comcast.net360-813-5658
Degree Captain 32º Scot Sageser, 32º KCCHssageser@yahoo.com360-930-1892
Degree DirectorThomas R. Dangelo, 33º IGHcortezit@reagan.com
Demolay RepILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHj.reidjr@comcast.net360-813-5658
Education/MasterCraftsmanHank Carman 33º IGHhankcarman@wavecable.commyimgs/hankcarman256white.jpg 360-731-6620
EventsScot Sageser/GSssageser@gmail.com
FacebookTodd Mearsnavy.pride1987@yahoo.com
Feast of RemembranceWise Master, Chapter of Rose Croix
Feast of TishriVenerable Master, Lodge of Perfection
FinanceWilliam Hubbard, 32º KCCHhubbardcrew@msn.com
Fraternal Outreach Scottish Rite
Funeral Team, Memorial Director CoordinatorRichard L. Dexter, 32º KCCHrdexter@tscnet.com
Greeters, Fellowship
Jobs Daughters
Knights of St. AndrewTony Annableelbanna@gmx.com
LeadershipScot Sagesersectybvsr@gmail.com
Life History
Life MembershipsGen. Sec. sectybvsr@gmail.com
Long Range PlanningLance Otislotis666@gmail.com
Masonic Community Outreach
MembershipDavid Hansenseawolfsrv@q.com
Memorial Services (Rose Croix Funeral)Almoner, Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrldexter@centurylink.net360-692-6876
MentoringRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrldexter@centurylink.net
Military RecognitionThomas R. Dangelo, 33º IGHcortezit@reagan.com
Newsletter / Trestleboard
NominationsBrian Georgebrian@phunghi.org
Officer Backups for Secty, Treas, PR, etc
Properties & Costumes Thomas R. Dangelo, 33º IGHcortezit@reagan.com360-271-2055
Public RelationsJason Reederjdrphotog77@gmail.com
Rainbow Girls
Rose Croix/MemorialRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrldexter@centurylink.net
Scholarships SupportBill Hubbard 32º KCCHHubbardcrew@msn.com 360-437-7781 360-316-9237
Scholarships- ValleyMike Pursey, 33º IGHdeebo_99@yahoo.com
Sickness Welfare & Relief ALMONERRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrldexter@centurylink.net
VMAP DirectorScot Sageser, 32º KCCHssageser@yahoo.com360-930-1892 360-692-6550
WebmasterJason Reeder, 32ºmore info
Webmaster SupportLance Otismore info360-874-0835
Committees are assigned by the Personal Rep for the Valley and by the General Secretary, subject to input from the Officers and Director of the Degree work.