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Our Honored Men

NameEmailMug Shot
Inspector General Honorary
Curley, Bernard Neal
Dangelo, Thomas Richard cortezit@reagan.commyimgs/Tom_Dangelo160.jpg
Dexter, Richardrldexter@centurylink.netmyimgs/RLDexter160W.jpg
Hansen, James David jdhgonefishing@q.commyimgs/jimhansen.jpg
Kuntz, Gary Edwardgekuntz@hotmail.commyimgs/Gary_KuntzSml.jpg
Mac Intyre, Joseph Walterhaggis@wavecable.commyimgs/JoeMacIntyre1.jpg
Martin, William Mattpgmasterjm@wavecable.commyimgs/MMartinSml.jpg
Mueller, William Devittwdm33@rocketmail.commyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Otis, Lance Neville Lotis666@gmail.commyimgs/LanceOtis.jpg
Reid, Jr, James Neilj.reidjr@comcast.netmyimgs/reidpr.jpg
Richardson, Harold Edwinmyimgs/HaroldRichardsonSml.jpg
Stokes, John Howardjohnstokes359@gmail.commyimgs/John_IGHsml.jpg
Tapawan, Mar Villatango77@comcast.netmyimgs/TapawanSml.jpg
Walgren, Gordon Leemyimgs/walgrenSml.jpg
Knights Commander Court of Honour
Arnold, J Bryant doc4subs@gmail.commyimgs/Jarnold.jpg
Barth, Richard Earl barth@gpcom.netmyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Carman, Henry Theodore hankcarman@wavecable.commyimgs/CarmanKccH.jpg
Carter, Marvin Ambrose seamrog@wavecable.commyimgs/Mcarter.jpg
Compton, Charles C.ctdcompton@aol.commyimgs/CCompton160.jpg
Gross, Sr, Brian Neil bngross@wavecable.commyimgs/Bgross.jpg
Gunther, Robert E. bgunthers27gmail.commyimgs/RGunther160.jpg
Hansen, David A.seawolfsrv@q.commyimgs/DHansen160.jpg
Hubbard, WilliamHubbardcrewmsn.commyimgs/hubbard.jpg
Jordan, Alexander Joseph jordan3614@hotmail.commyimgs/AlexJordan2.jpg
Kendall, James H.jim@telebyte.commyimgs/kendall160.jpg
Lampman, Thomas Harold thomaslampman@msn.commyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Lauer, Donald Ellsworth myimgs/Lauerkcch.jpg
Luttrell, Robert Love rlluttrell@embarqmail.commyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Marenbach, Harry Alfred Jmargillette@netzero.netmyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Mc Vittie, Kenneth Eugene gmanwpe@yahoo.commyimgs/mcVittie.jpg
Oberlander, Todd Allen piobaireachd@q.commyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Pursey, Michael Robert deebo_99@yahoo.commyimgs/Mpursey.jpg
Riley, Daniel Stephen driley@eskimo.commyimgs/DRiley.jpg
Svidran, Arthur Wilson myimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Wakely, Jack Donald JackDWake@aol.commyimgs/noPhoto.jpg
Wise, Jack Lee jlwise@q.commyimgs/Jack2KCCH.jpg
50 Year Members
James R Crader
Albert L Fox
William L Gilberg
Sheldon Hankin
Harry J. Novotney, Jr
Edgar T Short Jr
Louis Soriano
Gordon L Walgren
Donald R Woods
Jack D Wakely
Knight Commander of the Court of Honour
A Scottish Rite Mason who is a member of the Valley at least 46 months may be nominated for extraordinary service to the Valley, Public or in his community. If elected he is invested as a 32° Knight Commander of the Court of Honour (32° KCCH). The hat is red with gold trim and a Cross in the front.

Inspector General Honorary
A Scottish Rite Mason who is over 35 years of age and a 32° KCCH Mason that has held that honor a minimum of 46 months may be nominated to become a 33° Honorary Inspector General (33° or 33° IGH). Again nominations are made for extraordinary service within the Valley, in Public or in his community. The hat is white with gold trim and a double cross.