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Planning Schedule

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2019 Bremerton Valley Schedule
Scottish Rite Orient of Washington CalendarA&ASR link: more info
Day of WeekDAYsTimeEventComments, Planned Meals
1st Wed26:30 PMLOP Stated Dinner & Meeting Election of Officers
2nd Wed96:30 PM
3rd Wed166:30 PMInstallation of Officer 2019
4th Wed236:30 PM
Sat266:00 PMRobert Burns Celebration and Reception of The Grand Master MW James Kendall
Tuesday 295:00 PMEarly Life and Language Clinic Opening
5th Wed306:30 PM
1st Wed66:30 PMLOP Stated Meeting and Dinner
2nd Wed13
3rd Wed20
Last Sat2310:30 AMMaster Craftsman Study Group
4th Wed276:30 PM4th & 6th Degrees
1st Wed66:30 PMLOP Stated Meeting and Dinner
2nd Wed136:30 PM9th , 10th & 11th Degrees
Friday Thru Sunday15th to 17th2019 Lodge Leadership Retreat Red Lion Hotel Pasco 2525 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301more info
3rd Wed206:30 PM12th Degree
4th Wed276:30 PM4th Degree
Last Sat3010:30Master Craftsman Study Group
1st Wed36:30 PMLOP Stated Meeting and Dinner
2nd Wed106:30 PM14th degree
3rd Wed176:30 PMFeast of remembrance and Renewal
Easter Sunday21
4th Wed246:30 PM18th Degree
Last Sat2710:30 AMMaster Craftsman Study Group
1st Wed16:30 PMLOP Stated Meeting
2nd Wed8 6:30 PM 13th Degree
3rd Wed156:30 PM29th Degree
Saturday 18
4th Wed226:30 PM30th Degree
Last Sat2510:30 AMMaster Craftsman Study Group
Monday27Memorial Day
5th Wed296:30 PM32nd Degree
Friday 316:30 PMScholarship Dinner and Presentations
1st Wed56:30 PMLOP Stated Meeting Cap and Ring Ceremony
Saturday 86:30 PMEarly Life and Language Beverage Event
2nd Wed12
Thurs-Sat13th Thru 15thAll DayGrand Lodge of Washington 2019 Annual Communication Bremerton Convention Center.more info
3rd Wed196:30 PM
4th Wed266:30 PM
1st Wed36:30 PM
2nd Wed106:30 PM
3rd Wed176:30 PM
4th Wed246:30 PM
5th Wed316:30 PM
1st Wed76:30 PM
3rd Wed146:30 PM
4th Wed216:30 PM
5th Wed286:30 PM
1st Wed46:00 PMExecutive Board and LOP Stated Meeting and Dinner Dinner
2nd Wed11 6:30 PM
3rd Wed18 6:30 PM
4th Wed25 6:30 PM4th and 5th Degrees Ill. Br. Reid
Last Sat28 10:30 AMOrient Honors Day and Master Craftsman Study Group Kennewick, WA
1st Wed26:00 PMExecutive Board and LOP Stated Meeting
2nd Wed9 6:30 PM 6th and 7th Degree Ill. Br. Dexter
3rd Wed16 6:30 PM 9th , 10th and 11th Degree Br. Sageser
4th Wed23 6:30 PM13th Degree Ill. Br. Pursey
Last Sat26 10:30 AMMaster Craftsman Study Group
5th Wed30 6:30 PM14th Degree Br. Compton
1st Wed66:30 PM LOP Stated and Feast of TishriFeast
2nd Wed13 6:30 PM18th Degree Ill. Br. Carman
3rd Wed20 6:30 PM 30th Degree Ill. Br. Otis
4th Wed27 6:30 PM
Last Sat30 10:30 AMMaster Craftsman Study Group
1st Wed4 6:00 PMExecutive Board and LOP Stated Meeting Light Dinner
2nd Wed11 6:30 PM32nd Degree Br. Sageser
3rd Wed18 6:30 PMCap and Ring Ceremony
Last Sat28 10:30 AMMaster Craftsman Study Group
1st Wed1New Years
2nd Wed8 6:00 PM Executive Board LOP Stated Election of Officers
3rd Wed156:30 PM
4th Wed22 6:30 PM
Saturday 256:00 PMRobert Burns Dinner
5th Wed29 6:30 PMInstallation of 2020 Officers
For Bremerton Valley planning use. For a full calendar of Events in the Orient of Washington, see the State (Orient) Calendar.