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SR Bodies
Station/Place 2016NameEmailMug, phone
Personal Representative of the SGIG
in the Orient of Washington
ILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHmail[]myimgs/reidpr.jpg

Iphone DirectoryClick only for mobile
Lodge Of Perfection
VENERABLE MASTERKirk Alan Rose 32ºmail[]fone[360-809-3632]
Senior WardenBill Hubbard 32ºmail[]myimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
Junior WardenRobert E. Gunther, 32º KCCHmail[]myimgs/RGunther160.jpg

fone[360-765-0786, 206-782-8081]
OratorRay Bedford 32ºhoodcanaldigs@yahoo.comfone[360-490-8965]
Almoner (all Bodies)ILL Bernard N. Curley, 33º IGHnone - 360-377-2212fone[360-377-2212]
Secretary (all Bodies)Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHmail[]myimgs/CCompton160.jpg

Treasurer (all bodies)Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHmail[!]myimgs/LanceOtis.jpg

Appointive LOP
PrelateJames Kendall, 32ºJim@telebyte.comfone[360-613-5220]
Master of Ceremonies - ritual optionJames Shiver 32ºJamesLShiverJr@gmail.comfone[360-536-3456]
Assistant Expert
Captain of the Host
TilerWilliam Gettle, 32ºwilliamgettle@yahoo.comfone[360-620-9634]
Chapter of Rose Croix
WISE MASTERRichard J. Masch, 32º mail[]myimgs/Masch-R160.jpg

Senior WardenPaul Henry, 32ºstarbreacher@hotmail.comfone[360-908-2586]
Junior WardenPercival Peregrino 32ºPecival.peregrino@gmail.comfone[619-243-6292]
OratorTodd Mears 32ºnavy.pride1987@yahoo.comfone[360-286-0358]
Appointive RC
Master of Ceremonies
Assistant Expert
Standard Bearer
Guardian of the Temple
TilerWilliam Gettle, 32ºwilliamgettle@yahoo.comfone[360-620-9634]
Funeral Team
Council of Kadosh
COMMANDERJohn Braasch, 32ºmail[]fone[360-765-4314]
1st Lieutenant CommanderJames Walker, 32ºjames.walkerjr2@gmail.comfone[253-973-8556]
2nd Lieutenant CommanderJames Shiver 32ºJamesLShiverJr@gmail.comfone[360-536-3456]
ChancelorJames Walker, 32ºjames.walkerjr2@gmail.comfone[253-973-8556]
OratorTodd Mears 32ºnavy.pride1987@yahoo.comfone[360-286-0358]
Appointive CK
Marshal of Ceremonies
1st Deacon
2nd Deacon
Bearer of the Beauseant
Bearer of the White Standard
Bearer of the Black Standard
Lieutenant of the Guard
SentinelWilliam Gettle, 32ºwilliamgettle@yahoo.comfone[360-620-9634]
Council of Kadosh of the Consistory
Master of KadoshScot P. Sageser, 32º KCCHmail[]myimgs/ScotSageser160.jpg

PriorMike Pursey 32º KCCHDeebo_99@yahoo.comfone[360-908-2421]
PreceptorRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrdexter@tscnet.commyimgs/RLDexter160W.jpg

Appointive CKC
ChancellorJim Shiver, 32ºjamesLshiverjr@gmail.comfone[360-536-3456]
Minister of StateJames Walker 32ºJames.walkerjr3@gmail.comfone[253-973-8556]
Marshal of CeremoniesBill Hubbard 32ºHubbardcrew@msn.comfone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
ExpertEd Mitchell, 32ºgrumpyguy@embarqmail.comfone[360-796-3070]
Assistant ExpertJorge Nolasco 32ºtraderchop@gmail.comfone[360-710-9214]
Captain of the GuardsWilliam Gettle, 32ºwilliamgettle@yahoo.comfone[360-620-9634]
TilerWilliam Gettle, 32ºwilliamgettle@yahoo.comfone[360-405-6241]
Treasurer (Appointed by SGIG)Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHmail[]myimgs/LanceOtis.jpg

General Secretary (Appointed by SGIG)Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHsectybvsr@gmail.commyimgs/CCompton160.jpg

AlmonerILL Bernard N. Curley, 33º IGH360-377-2212myimgs/Bernie_CurleySml.jpg

PrelateJames Kendall, 32ºJim@telebyte.comfone[360-613-5220]
ScholarshipsBill Hubbard 32ºHubbardcrew@msn.commyimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
RiteCareRichard J. Masch, 32º richardmasch@comcast.netmyimgs/Masch-R160.jpg

DE and Americanism RepThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.commyimgs/Tom_Dangelo160.jpg

LibrarianLance N. Otis, 33º IGHbvsrtreasurer@gmail.comfone[360-874-0835]
WebmasterLance N. Otis, 33º IGHmail[!]fone[360-874-0835]
Membership ChairmanBill Hubbard 32ºHubbardcrew@msn.commyimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
Mentoring ChairmanThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.comfone[360-271-2055]
Leadership Training ChairmanThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.comfone[360-271-2055]
Director of the WorkThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHmail[]fone[360-271-2055]
Properties & Costumes ChrThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.comfone[360-271-2055]
Degree Captain 4º ILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHj.reidjr@comcast.netfone[360-813-5658]
Degree Captain 6º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrdexter@tscnet.commyimgs/RLDexter160W.jpg

Degree Captain 9º ,10º ,11º Scot P. Sageser, 32º KCCHssageser@gmail.commyimgs/ScotSageser160.jpg

Degree Captain 14º Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHctdcompton@aol.comfone[360-981-7689]
Degree Captain 18º Robert E. Gunther, 32º KCCHbgunthers27@gmail.commyimgs/RGunther160.jpg

fone[360-765-0786, 206-782-8081]
Degree Captain 24º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrdexter@tscnet.comfone[360-692-6876]
Degree Captain 30º Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHbvsrtreasurer@gmail.comfone[360-874-0835]
Degree Captain 32º Daniel S. Riley, 32º KCCHdriley@eskimo.comfone[206-842-3501]
Chief of the Knights of Saint Andrew.Bill Hubbard 32ºmail[]myimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
Financial Advisor
Officers and Officer's Duties of the Scottish Rite Bodies are as listed on pages 93-94 of the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide (c) 2007. Note that the LOP Master of Ceremonies is not part of the standard list.

Note: The Abbreviation ILL. stands for Illustrious Brother who is a 33 Degree Freemason. KCCH stands for Knight Commander of the Court of Honour and IGH is the abbreviation for Inspectors General Honorary.

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