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SR Bodies
Station/Place 2017NameEmailMug, phone
Personal Representative of the SGIG
in the Orient of Washington
ILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHmail[]myimgs/reidpr.jpg

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Lodge Of Perfection
VENERABLE MASTERBill Hubbard 32ºmail[]myimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
Senior WardenRobert E. Gunther, 32º KCCHmail[]myimgs/RGunther160.jpg

fone[360-765-0786, 206-782-8081]
Junior WardenDavid Hansen, 32º KCCHmail[]fone[360-912-0291]
OratorJohn Lambert or Brian George 32ºmail[]fone[360-471-4441]
Almoner (all Bodies)Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHmail[]myimgs/RLDexter160W.jpg

Secretary (all Bodies)Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHmail[]myimgs/CCompton160.jpg

Treasurer (all bodies)Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHmail[!]myimgs/LanceOtis.jpg

Appointive LOP
Master of Ceremonies - ritual optionAl Kirk Rose 32ºtheroses@wavecable.com360-809-3632
Assistant Expert
Captain of the Host
Chapter of Rose Croix
WISE MASTERPaul Henry, 32ºstarbreacher@hotmail.com360-471-7972
Senior WardenPercival Peregrino 32ºPercival.peregrino@gmail.com619-243-6292
Junior WardenTodd Mears 32ºnavy.pride1987@yahoo.com360-286-0358
OratorKulet Ocampo 32ºrikkaocampo@hotmail.com360-362-3342
Appointive RC
Master of Ceremonies
Assistant Expert
Standard Bearer
Guardian of the Temple
Funeral Team
Council of Kadosh
COMMANDERJim Shiver 32ºJames.Shiver@SWFPAC.Navy.mil360-536-3456
1st Lieutenant CommanderRichard Masch 32ºrichardmasch@comcast.net360-471-7972
2nd Lieutenant CommanderScot Sageser, 32º KCCHssageser@yahoo.com360-692-6550
ChancelorTodd Mears 32ºnavy.pride1987@yahoo.com360-286-0358
Appointive CK
Marshal of Ceremonies
1st Deacon
2nd Deacon
Bearer of the Beauseant
Bearer of the White Standard
Bearer of the Black Standard
Lieutenant of the Guard
Council of Kadosh of the Consistory
Master of KadoshMike Pursey 32º KCCHDeebo_99@yahoo.com360-908-2421
PriorLance Otis 33º 360-473-7506
PreceptorKirk Alan Rose 32º 360-809-3632
Appointive CKC
Minister of State
Marshal of CeremoniesBill Hubbard 32ºhubbardcrew@msn.com360-316-9237
Assistant ExpertJorge Nolasco 32ºtraderchop@gmail.com360-710-9214
Captain of the GuardsBJ Quance, 32º 360-731-5552
Treasurer (Appointed by SGIG)Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHmail[]myimgs/LanceOtis.jpg

General Secretary (Appointed by SGIG)Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHsectybvsr@gmail.commyimgs/CCompton160.jpg

AlmonerRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrdexter@tscnet.commyimgs/RLDexter160W.jpg

PrelateJames Kendall, 32ºJim@telebyte.comfone[360-613-5220]
ScholarshipsBill Hubbard 32ºHubbardcrew@msn.commyimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
RiteCareRichard J. Masch, 32º richardmasch@comcast.netmyimgs/Masch-R160.jpg

DE and Americanism RepThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.commyimgs/Tom_Dangelo160.jpg

LibrarianLance N. Otis, 33º IGHbvsrtreasurer@gmail.comfone[360-874-0835]
WebmasterLance N. Otis, 33º IGHmail[!]fone[360-874-0835]
Membership ChairmanBill Hubbard 32ºHubbardcrew@msn.commyimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
Mentoring ChairmanThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.comfone[360-271-2055]
Leadership Training ChairmanThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.comfone[360-271-2055]
Director of the WorkThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHmail[]fone[360-271-2055]
Properties & Costumes ChrThomas R. Dangelo, 32º KCCHcortezit@reagan.comfone[360-271-2055]
Degree Captain 4º ILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGHj.reidjr@comcast.netfone[360-813-5658]
Degree Captain 6º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrdexter@tscnet.commyimgs/RLDexter160W.jpg

Degree Captain 9º ,10º ,11º Scot P. Sageser, 32º KCCHssageser@gmail.commyimgs/ScotSageser160.jpg

Degree Captain 14º Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCHctdcompton@aol.comfone[360-981-7689]
Degree Captain 18º Robert E. Gunther, 32º KCCHbgunthers27@gmail.commyimgs/RGunther160.jpg

fone[360-765-0786, 206-782-8081]
Degree Captain 24º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGHrdexter@tscnet.comfone[360-692-6876]
Degree Captain 30º Lance N. Otis, 33º IGHbvsrtreasurer@gmail.comfone[360-874-0835]
Degree Captain 32º Daniel S. Riley, 32º KCCHdriley@eskimo.comfone[206-842-3501]
Chief of the Knights of Saint Andrew.Bill Hubbard 32ºmail[]myimgs/hubbard.jpg

fone[360-437-7781, 360-316-9237]
Financial Advisor
Officers and Officer's Duties of the Scottish Rite Bodies are as listed on pages 93-94 of the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide (c) 2007. Note that the LOP Master of Ceremonies is not part of the standard list.

Note: The Abbreviation ILL. stands for Illustrious Brother who is a 33 Degree Freemason. KCCH stands for Knight Commander of the Court of Honour and IGH is the abbreviation for Inspectors General Honorary.

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